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View PDF documents, convert other formats into PDF, edit existing PDF files or create them from scratch. Word, Excel and PowerPoint files are just a few of the formats supported for conversion.

Classic PDF Editor is a full-featured and comprehensive PDF conversion and editing tool that offers you most of the functionality you may find in Adobe Acrobat. It can create PDF files from scratch, convert existing files into PDF documents, edit and enhance them, fill them out, and combine different files into a single PDF.

The program’s interface is clean and well organized, distributing all its functions in a ribbon-like structure that will instantly remind you of the newest versions of the MS Office suite of products. Viewing, conversion, editing, and reviewing options are thus organized in different tabs, which will show you a slightly different ribbon when activated.

Conversion to PDF is certainly one of the program’s main assets: it seamlessly converts any Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document into a high-quality PDF file. However, its conversion capabilities are in no way limited to MS Office documents, as it is capable of transforming files of more than 650 different file formats into PDF by “printing” them out using the virtual PDF printer. The resulting PDF files faithfully resemble the original layout of the source files, including images and other graphical elements. But Classic PDF Editor not only “imports” documents in other formats as PDF files, but also “exports” PDF documents as Word or image files.

The editing functionality is also worth noting. Except when the active PDF file is made out of pure graphical content (images that contain both text and graphics), Classic PDF Editor can easily insert, delete, and move text, as well as resize, and change the font of any text in your PDF document. When the images are just part of the page, they can also be edited, resized, and moved, allowing you to reorganize the page layout almost as easily as if you were working on an MS Word document. The editing options not only cover text and images, but also the page and document layout – thus, you can add headers, footers, attachments, annotations, stamps, etc., and split, combine, delete, and add full pages as needed.

Though truly an excellent PDF editing tool, Classic PDF Editor does not cover all the functionality that Adobe’s Acrobat offers you – as an example, none of the options related to the accessibility of the PDF document are available in the program – but it is also true that the price tag of both applications is significantly different. Thus, if what you really need is a PDF conversion and editing tool that produces high-quality PDF files, and the lacking functionality (when compared to Acrobat) is something you can live without, taking a look at everything that Classic PDF Editor can do for you for a fraction of Acrobat’s price will surely make you happy.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Ribbon-based design, providing a MS Office look and feel
  • High-quality conversion processes (both to and from PDF)


  • You are not informed about the fact that you are using a shareware tool until you install it and execute it for the first time
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